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Gregory Fisher

Gregory Fisher


Hello and welcome to the website. In the pages that follow, you can learn more about my work, my organization and my passionate wish to make my life and the lives of other people the highest and best possible. Through my work as a minister, singer/songwriter, speaker, teacher and coach, I journey with and encourage my audiences and clients as they:

  • accept and celebrate their lives as unique creations of the Universe
  • eliminate any old, negative thoughts that hinder them
  • discover and utilize their individual gifts and talents
  • embrace the freedom and dignity of integrity
  • reintegrate their often fragmented and compartmentalized personalities into fully realized identities
  • create a consciousness of and a relationship with an accepting Spiritual Power
  • nurture and joyously engage in their own evolution as higher beings
  • devise and incorporate moments of ritual and spiritual service into their daily practices
  • develop and perform the vital observance of cognizant affirmation as positive and life-changing prayer
  • determine the good they want to attract into their lives
  • establish the sequence they might follow to acquire the life they choose
  • and pursue their courses, create their spiritual existences and discover their authentic selves.

I am convinced that we all have the capacity to create our lives “exactly according to our belief”. Join me. Let’s work it out together. And thanks for stopping by.


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